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Linbrook Hall

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Linbrook Hall is the center piece of Linbrook Heritage Estate. Mr.Neal came up with the name Linbrook Hall after his wife Linda and the brook that runs in front of the property. The Neals' wanted to use the house as a place to give back to the community, which is why it is also known as  "The Giving House." Linbrook hall is not only a house, it is also a wedding, private event, and fundraising venue. Linbrook Hall has raised money for St.Jude's Children's Hospital, Victory Junction, Hospice and many more.

Planning for Linbrook Hall started 1998 and three years later in 2001, the construction started. In 2004 the construction of Linbrook Hall was complete. 6 years total from planning to construction.


The house has 4 floors and is heated by a boiler system that burns natural wood. It is the most economical way to heat a house as big as Linbrook Hall. It is furnished with antiques from all over the world, collected by Mr. and Mrs. Neal. The oldest antique in the house is the Shakespearian table. It was made in the 1850's in Stratford, England and was originally displayed in a town hall. The fireplaces in the house are Rumford Fireplaces. Each of the fireplaces have a unique scene carved in to the marble.

When you come into the house you might hear the sweet acoustics of a piano playing. Linbrook Hall has a Steinway Limited Edition Model B piano in the front of the house. It is the 80th out of 150 made for the 150th anniversary of the Steinway pianos. A person can play it, but it also has the ability to play by itself. 

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Interested in a tour or having a private event at Linbrook Hall?

Contact us at 336-861-6959 or email us on our Contact Page.

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